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How to Turn Your Desk Into a Standing Desk

How to Turn Your Desk Into a Standing Desk

With so many people working from home now, the idea of a standing desk is becoming more attractive than ever. The only problem is that purchasing ...
How To Make the Most Out of a Small Home Office

How To Make the Most Out of a Small Home Office

Just because you have a small room for your office doesn’t mean you have to live with feeling cramped in it. Here are some tips for making it feel more open.
Standing Desk Workouts Anyone Can Do

Standing Desk Workouts Anyone Can Do

If you are curious as to which kinds of workouts you can do with a standing desk, then you’ll want to see this list of various ones that we’ve pulled together.

American-Made Standing Desk Converters


Readydesk wood standing desk converters and laptop stand risers are designed for people who want a simple more comfortable way to stand up while using a computer. Our simple, adjustable standing desk converters are lightweight, sturdy, portable, and can turn any sitting desk, table, or countertop into an adjustable standing desk for one or two monitors. 

Readydesks and Allstands are perfect for people looking for home office standing desks. Those working in biotech, marketing, engineering, advertising, government, editing, media, education, or any other field where you sit at a computer for hours a day appreciate the benefits a simple standing desk converter offers your posture and energy levels.

With prices ranging from $24 - $164, we believe Readydesk is America’s best standing desk value. Our products are easy to assemble and require no tools to put together. Our award-winning design is based around giving you proper posture for functional strength.

We’ve taken care to ensure our products easily convert any space into an adjustable standing desk.  We love our wood standing desk converters, and we’re not alone. Check out our Amazon ratings to see what others are saying about our stylish, ergonomic desks, 100% designed, patented and made in the USA.

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Standing three hours each day, five days each week, burns the same calories as running a marathon each month.