It was 2009. We had been sitting at our computers for years—all day desk-jobs that came with sore backs, pinched nerves, and a general tiredness.

But the standing desks we could find out there were really expensive, really ugly, or you had to replace the desk you already had. So, we nailed some pine boards together, and created a two-tiered upright desk.

original readydesk

After just a few days. It worked. Our backs felt better. We had more energy. When people approached our desks, we could turn to greet them, eye-to-eye.

We saw such a benefit to our lives, we wanted to make a version that could match the height and posture of any person. So, we worked for three years building prototypes, testing on coworkers, and consulting with chiropractors and mechanical engineers on a health-conscious, simple design.

Since launching in 2014, we've sold thousands of standing desk converters in more than 47 countries. Designed, patented and made in the USA, Readydesk has even won awards for both design and affordability.

When you get a Readydesk, you’re supporting a small business that started from a personal need to be less sedentary. We can’t wait for you to start feeling better by standing up more. ​

Joe Nafziger & Ben Larson
Co-founders, Readydesk

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