Standing up for your idea

Around 2009, I saw a photo of a DIY standing desk built from cinder blocks, old shelves and cardboard boxes. Not pretty, but it did the job of allowing its creator to stand at his computer.

I had been working desk jobs for eight years up to that point, and hadn't once thought of getting off my butt. I was inspired. Reading everything I could about the benefits of being on your feet more, I looked into buying a standing desk. Turned out they were too big and expensive to just "try out.” What if I didn't like standing? 

With the help of my uncle, I built my own simple desk that fit me specifically.

After a year of using it at home and in the office, I was hooked. My best friend, Ben, suggested we make them for others who wanted to stand more often. Not having any clue what we were doing, we worked with mechanical engineers, chiropractors and designers to figure out how to create something adjustable, inexpensive and ergonomically correct for every person who used it. 

Three years later, we launched Readydesk. We hope you enjoy adding more movement to your day in a simple way.