The Science Behind How Standing Desks Improve Productivity

The Science Behind How Standing Desks Improve Productivity

There is medical reasoning as to why a standing desk will improve your health and wellness in the workplace. In recent years, companies have been providing standing desks for their employees. There's actual science behind why a standing desk increases output, and you can take advantage of this whether you’re at home or in the workplace. You'll find yourself with more energy and alertness. Learn about the science behind how standing desks improve productivity in this brief guide.

Increased Brain Power

Standing stimulates circulation, which sends more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Alternatively, sitting inhibits circulation and starts to negatively affect your blood flow in as little as ten minutes. Physical movement also encourages neurogenesis, creating more brain cells specifically in sections of the brain that promote critical thinking.

Focus Improvement

While ten minutes of sitting can negatively affect your circulation, ten minutes of standing is all it takes to improve focus. Employees who reduced their sitting time by one hour a day reported improved mental focus throughout the day. When you're more focused, you're able to work more efficiently and get more done.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

Sitting all day causes chronic pain, discomfort, and physical stress, which leads to more pain in the back and joints, chronic nerve pain, and severe headaches. Without a doubt, you feel that pain, and it is just enough to slow down your production over an eight-hour day. While you should be focusing on your work, you're distracted by your pain. This will reduce focus and output.

Energy Boost

Moving and standing throughout the day increases overall energy levels —as well as getting a decent amount of sleep and having a good diet. Many workers using standing desks or an adjustable desktop stand report feeling more enthusiastic from standing during the workday. Also, standing helps keep your energy levels stable, preventing the energy dip we often experience in the afternoon. You can also expect an increase in alertness, which will help you stay awake.

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