What To Look For in a Laptop Standing Desk Converter

What To Look For in a Laptop Standing Desk Converter

If you like the idea of standing while you work but don’t want to commit to a full standing desk just to use your laptop, you might want to get a standing desk converter instead. There are a lot of considerations that you’ll need to take into account when deciding on what to look for in a laptop desk converter, so we’ll go over all of the factors that you think about when searching.

Size and Height

When you first start perusing the options of converters, the first thing you’ll be looking at is how big they are and how tall they can get. Depending on how much you need to set on it and how tall you are, these are both factors you need to consider. When you’re getting one for your laptop, you won’t need as much space, but if you want to use a monitor as a second screen, you’ll need a larger converter to fit everything.

If you are taller than average, ensure that the converter will rise high enough for you to use it effectively. If it negatively affects your ergonomics, it’s rather pointless to use it in the first place.

Customization Options

Being able to change how your converter sits or the levels that it sits at is a huge factor to consider in your search. Not everyone is the same, so the perfect height for you won’t be for the next person. Unfortunately, not many makers consider this the way we do here at ReadyDesk. We pride ourselves in having an adjustable standing desk converter for laptops that is fully customizable to fit anybody’s needs.


Of course, having the tallest converter ever made means nothing if it’s not stable. Even though you’re probably only using your laptop on it, you don’t want it falling over or buckling under the weight. Find one with a sturdy build that lets you use it with ease and without the danger of about anything on or below it sustaining damage.

Special Features

While our final tip on what to look for in a laptop desk converter is not as crucial as the previous ones, it should be something you look into. Special features include anything like USB ports, wireless charging stations, and cupholders. While none of them will drastically change how you use your converter, they are great conveniences that can be a unique selling point that will tip the scales in their favor during your search.