A Guide To Using Your Standing Desk Correctly

 Guide To Using Your Standing Desk Correctly

Some might consider this a weird guide for us to be making, but the key to using a standing desk properly is more than simply standing behind it. Every human body is different in one way or another, so you’ll need to do a few things to use your new standing desk optimally. That’s why we’ve created a guide to using your standing desk correctly. We don’t want anyone to regret their purchase due to improper use.

Starting At a Proper Desk Height

Most standing desks have impressive adjustability. They can accommodate all heights, even abnormally tall people. The key to finding the ideal elevation for you is to set the desk at a height that allows you to rest your arms on its surface while keeping your elbows at a right angle. Of course, this also the ideal angle for sitting, but it’s even more important when standing. Just make sure that you’re standing up straight when you do this to avoid the need to slouch while you’re working.

Finding the Correct Screen Height

Not only is the desk height essential, but so is the height of your screen. Line it up with your eye level to prevent painful neck positions. It’s easy to set up with a monitor this way but less so with a laptop since your keyboard needs to be lower for your arms. That means an optimal laptop setup will require you to use a separate keyboard.

Determining the Length of Time You Should Stand

This point comes down to your current lifestyle and preferences, but you need to consider them. If you live an active lifestyle when you clock out for the day, you won’t need to spend as much of your workday standing. On the other hand, if you are more sedentary in your free time, consider spending more time standing behind your desk.

Either way, it comes down to preference. The only thing we recommend is that you try to use the position that you aren’t doing as much during the day. Doing too much of one or the other can negatively impact your health. Also, don’t worry if it takes time to do one more than the other—it’s all a process.

Stretching When You Need To

The position that most people struggle with is standing, so if that’s the one you’re attempting to improve, doing some stretches throughout the day will help you increase your standing duration. However, if you feel like that’s not enough, there are some exercises that you can do as well. You can find examples for either of these all over the internet.

Is It Worth It in the End?

After going through our guide to using your standing desk correctly, we’d argue that a standing desk is absolutely worth trying out. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, especially since you can always use a standing desk in the sitting position for as long as you like. If the cost downside of buying a new desk is too much for you, we’d suggest one of our American-made standing desk converters. Place them on top of any desk or table you currently own to create a more portable standing desk.