Are standing desks actually good for you?

Before we get into standing desks being good for you or not, let’s go over some facts: 

1) A sedentary life absolutely, without a doubt, hurts you. It increases your chance of cancer, diabetes and just generally makes you fat.

2) Sitting is the unhealthiest sedentary position. 

3) Standing too much can also be bad for you, but 

​4) You’re probably not standing too much, anyway. 

In fact, in 2018, if a person has a job working in an office, the vast majority of the day is spent in a seated position: 

1. Eating breakfast. 
2. Driving to the office. 
3. Working at a computer.
4. Attending meetings. 
5. Eating lunch.   
6. More computer time.
7. More meetings.
8. Driving back home.
9. Eating dinner.
10. Relaxing/working on the couch.

Does that sound like your normal weekday? 

Sure, there are other things like getting errands done, watching your kids play sports, going to restaurants, etc., but even those almost much all revolve around sitting, too.

So what can you do? It’s not like you're able to stand up and drive your car. Or watch TV with your sweetie while on your feet. The thing that you can modify is how much you sit at work. That's why standing desks like Readydesk  have become so popular.

Just standing up isn't the solution. You need to take sitting breaks and standing breaks. When used as an alternative to sitting, standing desks are great for your energy, attitude and spine. So, yes, they are good for you when used the right way.

If you have concerns about standing more during the day, let us know in the comments, or contact Readydesk directly at