How high should a standing desk be?

Whether you buy a super fancy, super expensive electronic gizmo that raises and lowers at the touch of a button, or a clean, simple, wooden standing desk that turns your current desk into a standing desk, you want yours to be at the optimal height.

This will give you the greatest benefits of using a standing desk, and keep your posture healthy.

​So how high should your standing desk be set?

First off, because you’re a different height than everyone else, there’s no exact level that can be recommended. There is, however, a proper standing posture you should practice any time you are on your feet. Here’s how you achieve it...

Elbows and Eyes

The two body points to reference when setting the height of your standing desk are your elbows and your sightline. Your top choice for an adjustable standing desk is something that has two independently adjusting levels.

First, your keyboard should be level with your elbow as your arms hang at your sides. This makes it comfortable for your arms to be bent at 90º while typing. It also prevents your shoulders from bunching up toward your ears, damaging your trapezius muscles.

Even more important is the level of your screens. You want the top third of your biggest monitor to be in front of you as you look straight ahead. Now your neck is in a neutral position. You’re not looking down at a screen—that would be like looking at your phone all day—and you’re not looking up at a screen.

With many people using standing desks that are just one, big, adjusting countertop, it’s important that their workspace is supplemented with monitor risers and/or keyboard trays. After all, you obviously are interested in working healthier, don’t throw it all away by standing improperly.

Have any other tips for standing up with comfort? Let us know in the comments.